Japan - Fukushima: life, despite everything (2013)

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Fukushima, November 2013 -

Millions of cubic meters of radioactive soils are being stocked in huge plastic bags along the roads, waiting for a permanent storage. Decontamination work, initiated by the government in 2012 to clean the 20 km2 no-go zone around Fukushima Daiichi, have lead to a return policy of the 80 000 evacuated inhabitants. Most of them still live in temporary housing, still wondering if they should go back to a hometown transformed in a no man land.

The 11 billion euros investment for Fukushima’s reconstruction have also created unexpected social and economical changes. Thousands of workers hired for decontamination and nuclear plant repair stay in cities around the plant, boosting parallel economy handled by local mafia and real estate businessmen.

Story by Alissa Descotes-Toyosaki (journalist) and Jérémie Souteyrat (photographer)
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