Japan - Tokyo Girls Collection and fast-fashion (2010)

35 images Created 15 Mar 2010

Tokyo still has a leg up on the fashion planet: the fast fashion can be consumed in the shops, but also "live" and with a mobile phone! This is the Tokyo Girls Collection: a giant fashion show, accompanied by Japanese Pop concerts, open to 25 000 anonymous fashion victims. At the last show held on March 6, Spring/Summer 2010 collections of 15 Japanese fast-fashion brands were demonstrated on the catwalk. The young Japanese girls could receive live newsletters with pictures of backstages, buy those clothes with their keitai (mobile phone) and acclaim their idols at the same time.

The Tokyo Girls Collection is organized twice a year since 2005 with a growing success. For this edition, the sales broke the last record of 480 000 Euros in 24 hours!
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